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iQ in-room | When Guest Experience Matters

Build relationships, not just loyalty.

Delight your guests with an in-room experience beyond their expectations.

  • What they want to watch, when they want to watch it
  • Instant connection to showcase events and amenities
  • Inform, engage and empower your guests with the info they need
  • Guests personalize and command their surroundings
  • Guests wake in a comfortable environment of their choice
  • Create flawless technology interactions with your third-party programs

iQ in-room


Offering free-to-guest TV/music and interactive TV program guide (additional options available with our entertainment solution including Google Chromecast, VOD and pay-per-view)

Amenities & Services

Instant access to your amenities and services makes all the difference. You are able to get the word out to each room through UI delivery of messages and promotional content.

Live TV Info Feeds

Keep guests engaged and informed with live TV feeds for the latest news, weather and sports.

Mobile Device TV & Room Control

Guests control their environment. They can use their smartphone to easily make changes to the in-room TV, comfort, lighting and other room devices.

Wake & Sleep Control

Guests appreciate convenience. Offer the added luxury of waking to music, lighting or a TV channel of their choice. And, turn off the TV, lights or music via the Sleep feature.

Folio & Remote Check-Out

Create flawless technology interactions with your third-party hospitality systems.

Innovate your guest experience.
One platform. Multiple solutions. Endless possibilities.

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