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Seamless connectivity across platforms and devices is transforming the way hotels keep guests connected and how they connect with guests. Setting up a high-performance network is just the start. The interTouch solution is specifically designed to make the guest internet experience  seamless, personalized and accessible.

FREEDOM Internet is a leading-edge high-speed internet service designed specifically for hotels and their guests. Easier, faster, secure and more advanced, it allows guests to enjoy a stable high-speed internet connection, wired or wirelessly.

FREEDOM Internet seamlessly interfaces with most hotel Property Management Systems (PMS). In addition to allowing the hotel to merge public (guest) network with private (back-of-house) networks, FREEDOM Internet also features bandwidth management capability through a pre-defined group bandwidth policy, enabling hotels to deliver a consistent guest experience across chains, irrespective of property location.

interTouch_FV IconFREEDOM Vision is an online real-time management console for hoteliers to access anytime and anywhere. Built around the ITIL framework, FREEDOM Vision is interTouch’s proprietary solution aiming to enhance operational efficiency of hotels by offering a one stop dashboard view of the hotel’s business performance. Hotels are able to gauge the progress of their efforts and make fact-based decisions with detailed computation in the form of daily view reports, weekly gross revenue performance reports, enrollment versus gross revenue reports, or as desired by the hotel.


In a world obsessed with BYOD and BYOC, subscription network services, and numerous file sharing and communication platforms, delivering an engaging in-room entertainment solution has never been more challenging.  Hotels need to select a guest room entertainment infrastructure, intrinsic to the brand experience, with content that delivers the guest experience they are looking for now while anticipating what may come tomorrow.

interTouch_FEFREEDOM Entertainment turns the traditional broadcast television into an interactive entertainment portal that offers guests high-definition digital entertainment as well as advanced information and communication services.

The IP-based interactive TV entertainment system uses Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology allowing guests to enjoy their favourite movies in High-definition Television (HDTV).

FREEDOM Entertainment also allows hotels to incorporate a customizable and comprehensive range of interactive communication and information services such as guest welcome message, express check-out feature, housekeeping status, flight information, hotel promotions, guest surveys, and much more.

interTouch_FHFREEDOM Home allows guests to stream media on their mobile devices to the interactive in-room TV wirelessly and securely. Guests can watch their own movies, play games, stream music, videos and photos as well as mirror/extend screens from their mobile devices and laptops. Mirroring a residential Wi-Fi configuration, all devices in the guest’s room are isolated in their private virtual LAN.


Business travelers demand regular upgrading of business support offerings to reflect their need for convenience and privacy. A good office away from the office can add immense guest satisfaction, promote loyalty and generate additional revenue among this growing group of global professionals.

intertouch_fbcFREEDOM Business Center powered by Uniguest, offers a set of applications to remotely manage and secure PC or Mac computers for guest usage in the business center, lobby or front desk.

intertouch_fpFREEDOM Print gives guests the power to print documents from laptops, tablets and smartphones to designated printers at the front desk or business center without having to download printer drivers or connect to hotel networks. Guests can print by emailing documents to a printer’s unique email address, uploading documents to a web printing portal via URL, or by using one of the mobile printing apps available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices.

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