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Hospitality technology is
global, constantly upgrading,
and in constant need

The IQx platform | fueling growth and continuous innovation

- how will you stay on top?

Technology As Impeccable As Your Service

IQ in-room | When Guest Experience Matters

Market Reach Our range, reach and resources keep growing every day as we continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers globally.

103 Countries
786 Employees

Rise Above The Competition The guest experience is changing. How will YOU differentiate? Introducing the IQx technology platform, powered by Exceptional Innovation.


IQx solves technology challenges across multiple industries.
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IQx Solutions

When guest experience matters,
IQx delivers solutions that delight.
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30+ Years of Experience & Expertise At Your Service
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Exceptional is our promise,
innovation is our passion.
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Innovate your guest experience.
One platform. Multiple solutions. Endless possibilities.

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