Exceptional Innovation, Westerville, Ohio, 43103, Company Overview, Exceptional Logo
Exceptional Innovation, Westerville, Ohio, 43103, Company Overview, Exceptional Innovation Logo

Welcome to Exceptional Innovation!

Exceptional Innovation’s (EI) flexible software platform enables the quick design, development, and deployment of rich internet/intranet-based distributed applications that run on a wide range of consumer-facing devices. Using Web Services, our middle-ware platform communicates with third party applications and systems to provide content, music, and video, in addition to, managing data transactions, controlling room devices, and more. Created in XML using a configuration tool built by EI, the user interface is customizable and can be displayed on multiple PCs, MACs, TVs, touch panels, wireless tablets, and handheld mobile devices.

In addition to our software platform, Exceptional Innovation designs and builds hardware that works hand-in-hand with our software solutions to provide customers with a turn-key solution based on the business needs of the target verticals served.

Looking for someone to help you develop an application, design and manufacture a piece of hardware, or partner with to connect disparate systems or devices? Contact us to learn more about our solutions and partnership opportunities for building business-to-business applications and solutions.

Exceptional Innovation
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480 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 350
Westerville, Ohio 43082
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Starting in 2004, with our award-winning home automation software, Life|ware, Exceptional Innovation moved into multiple business to business markets in 2009. In 2012, the EI software platform was licensed to The SmarTV Company, LLC our new content services and advertising division that sells integrated customer engagement solutions to the hospitality, healthcare, and mobile markets.

To learn more about our subsidiary, The SmarTV Company, click the button below.